Tripoli Film Festival: A tribute to Randa chahal 


Tripoli film festival

The Opening Ceremony

For the fifth time in a row, Tripoli Film Festival was held, In which it revived the legacy of the late Lebanese director “ Randa Chahal”. Who left her mark in the Lebanese cinema.

One of her most famous works was “The Kite “, which was displayed during the festival

TFF Workshops and Forum

Followed the ceremony, several workshops and forums were conducted over the course of three days at the Via Mina Hotel, that hosted a panel of distinctive and prominent names in the film industry not only locally but also internationally.

Most of the participants were college students majoring in Film Industry and related specialties such as mass communication and theater…

The panel discussed important issues that could face any filmmaker during the filming process and post production, also the marketing and the distribution of the movie afterwards, add to that a cinematography master class.



The Forums


Despite the small number of attendees, the interaction between the panel and the audience clearly stated how engaged the students were with the discussions.

Meanwhile the contestant Movies were running in various areas across Tripoli including “Beit al Fan” Mina and the open cinema at Kobbe-Tripoli


The forum was an excellent opportunity for the students to join extracurricular activities that they can benefit from, and to have side talks with the panel sharing their words of wisdom.


The closing ceremony

Awards and scholarships were granted at the closing ceremony, giving a better future for the youth to feel that their dreams are getting the recognition it deserves.

With the hope of seeing a larger number of participants next year.