Written By: Noma Baytiyeh (AL-JINAN HIGH SCHOOL)

 Supervised By: Ms. Khadija Al-Khatib

Since I was a child, I have seen a huge number of students going to school everyday.. I was jealous of them. I felt like I really need to go there and find out what they learn, and specially to answer a question I replied its answer few years ago: Why do students hate studying???

At primary school, I didn’t recognize what was happening, I was busy studying to fulfill the dreams I had when I was a 3 year old kid. But as soon as I became a secondary school pupil, I started to find out the answer to my old question.

The real real reason of “why do students hate studying” and even “going to school” is the boredom they feel there. At school, the subjects  such as Geography, French, Math.. are taught without activities, even the Science sessions which allow pupils to do laboratory experiences does not work as expected, students spend around 7 hours a day stuck on their seats, studying theories, which means that they never leave the classroom until the bell rings announcing that they can finally get out of their school and go back home.


This problem does not only lead students to hate school, but also to hate the teacher who never tries to create some activities that delight the students and wake them up to the lesson. This teacher keep shouting at his students faces to keep on their attention, which is as he says really important, but in his students’ opinion, “ I don’t really care about that professor’s eloquence”.  Thus, after turning back home, children won’t study and even never try to touch their school bag!! They eat lunch and then go out with their friends or watch TV.

What makes it worse is the invention of smartphones, these generation destroyers  have created a pretty great space between the leisure time of the old generation and the modern one, so that teenagers are neither going out together, nor spending time  with their family. They devote all their time to play games on their smartphones, chat with their friends on WhatsApp instead of meeting up somewhere, and even peruse social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter.. in place of studying or reading a book, magazine, or newspaper..


The boredom students feel at school is related to the revolution of the internet, as at school, they are caught between four walls, forced to study for seven hours, while at home, they are free and can play online all the time without stopping.

The shock I experienced after discovering the answer to my childhood interrogation  made me think of “ What schools and teachers must do with integration of the parents to, exploit the presence of the Internet and Smartphones at both home and school in order to restore the passion learners had in devoting their lives seeking knowledge in a modern way, and consequently, students might stop hating school”