Month: May 2020

Congratulation everybody ♥

Noma Baytiyeh

I never thought my last year of high school would end like this. I have always dreamed of living a year full of fun, happiness, and of course, hard work. I have dreamed of making beautiful memories with my friends and teachers. I have always imagined how my graduation day would be and how everybody was going to be happy…

But all of that started to disappear gradually since the beginning of the year. Since Lebanese people started to protest. Since I was obliged to stay at home for some security reason. Since I heard that we’re not gonna finish the academic year on time… But then they all calmed down and we went back to school to continue our curriculum and get prepared for official exams…I cannot deny that it was a little bit hard for me to get used to coming back to school after two months of staying at home…However, I studied, prepared for mid-year exams, took them, and got good marks. After less than a month later, we reached a point where I can say that we almost finished the required chapters for official exams and probably need a month to complete them…Here I started to get back my dreams and wishes of a successful year, of a happy ending and of a completely new life at university…
Then suddenly the #COVID_19 showed up and urged everyone around the world to adhere  #social_distancing by staying at home and staying safe. So we stopped learning for about a month, then began to study via e-learning.
However, the story is not over yet… As students and parents started to share their opinion about this academic year’s fate… Some said that we should suspend this year and complete it after the summer ends. Others affirmed they think that the minister of education should cancel the official exams, and other opinions that made me feel so depressed about my future : “ How are the official exams going to be like? Will I really finish my last year? Will I be able to achieve my dreams and study biology or medicine? ”

Then I heard the news about the minister of education announcing the cancellation of baccalaureate official exams… At first, I thought it wasn’t real, but then I realised that this is the reality… I felt really sad that I’m not gonna take the official exams, that I studied hard this year for nothing at the end, that I will never live the moment of seeing my family as much happy for me getting a high rank …

After all of this, I saw my classmates congratulating each other for finally finishing their last year.

The happiness I saw on everybody’s posts about this cancelation made me realise that this is the best decision that the minister of education could ever take regarding all what Lebanese students have been through this year…

Congratulation everybody ♥



عدد خاص من الأبحاث المحكمة عن : الإدارة التربوية

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آخر مهلة لاستلام الأبحاث : 2020/6/1
تاريخ الإصدار: 2020/7/1
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التحكيم : يحكم البحث من قبل إثنين من الأساتذة من أصحاب الإختصاص
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