Two in one.

Noor El-hijazi

The latest step that has been taken to simplify our social media usage, is merging Instagram and Facebook messenger into one App.

According to, this new feature is going through various tests that allows you to import your Instagram contacts into messenger, also making it easier to sync your Instagram and Messenger accounts with one another, By clicking People tab and tap on the new option “Connect to Instagram” to add your Instagram contacts to the list of friends you can reach with Facebook’s instant messaging application. You can also add your Instagram contacts from the Messenger sign-up flow, if you’re a new user.



What about privacy?

To assure privacy only your mutual friends on Instagram will be imported so no Instagram followers will be able to spam you on messenger.

We also recall the merging of “Stories “move between Facebook and messenger.

Considering Instagram messenger being a heavily used feature worldwide, this huge leap will create even a bigger base of users.